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Accountants in Spain, based on the Costa del Sol

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We are an established accounting firm in Spain with a successful track record of more than 20 years

​​Legal & Accounting Network is a multidisciplinary law and accounting firm based in Estepona, on the Costa del Sol. Our specialist consultants have been assisting clients with comprehensive accounting services for individuals and businesses in Spain for more than 20 years. Whatever type of economic, fiscal or legal issue you may have, our in-house lawyers will analyse the details and advise you on the most adequate and cost-effective solution.

Some of the ways in which we can assist you with accounting, bookkeeping and tax matters are detailed below. If you have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

What our clients say about our accounting services in Spain

Brenda Wartenberg
Brenda Wartenberg
A great company and very helpful in every way. We have known Legal and accounting Network for many years. I would highly recommend their services.
Roy Granstrøm
Roy Granstrøm
Excellent services from very friendly English speaking staff.
Diarmaid Murphy
Diarmaid Murphy
I found the Legal & Accounting Network online and arranged an initial meeting in their office. They subsequently supported me for a variety of matters and they were very informative, professional and efficient. They were very engaged and gave timely replies to all of my questions and clarification requests. I am happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a comprehensive financial services partner.
Sue & Bryan Williams
Sue & Bryan Williams
Very efficient, pleasant and 100% professional. We used Legal and Accounting to organize our tax payments now that we live in Spain. This proved to be a lot less painful than we anticipated; especially as they all speak such good English. They even suggested a couple of extra services outside of their own that have proved very useful. We will continue to use them and would not hesitate to recommend them.
Sarah Lowe
Sarah Lowe
Victoria was very helpful and gave clear advice when I was trying to navigate the Spanish tax system as a uk citizen
Terry Santegoeds
Terry Santegoeds
After moving to Spain, I struggled for several years with my taxes. Eventually someone referred me to to Legal & Accounting Network and I am glad they did. Legal & Accounting Network provided excellent advice. They helped me resolve existing issues and since then have managed all my legal and financial affairs in Spain, with great satisfaction.
Dee Y. S
Dee Y. S
The team has been helping me for years now, and I am very pleased with their professionalism and always taking extra mile to help me in various matters related to taxes and real estate. This is especially important for me as I don’t understand Spanish and they were tremendous help .
Frank Nuytten
Frank Nuytten
Very professional and friendly service. I would surely recommend it!
Carmen Del Rio
Carmen Del Rio
This team of professionals offer the best legal and accounting advice and services on the coast.

Accounting services

At ​​Legal & Accounting Network we have been assisting our clients in business and personal matters related to taxation, accounting, and bookkeeping services in Spain since 2001. Our team’s extensive experience enables us to provide our clients with expert, comprehensive advice to resolve any doubts you may have, whatever your circumstances.

Legal & Accounting Network can take care of all your bookkeeping and accounting needs. Our team of professional accountants can provide advice on monthly, quarterly and annual reporting and compliance issues. 

We offer two accountancy options for bookkeeping:

  • Conventional method: You deliver the accounts and receipts to our office, we analyse the information, and prepare the tax returns and management accounts, where relevant.
  • Independent method: You input your accounting data into a compatible bookkeeping program and email it to us so we can complete the process in the conventional way.

Why choose us as your accounting firm?

accountant experience

Accountant Experience

Legal & Accounting Network has been operating on the Costa del Sol since 2001, with a successful track record of over 20 years offering consultancy services for individuals and companies. Our dedicated team’s extensive experience, coupled with the fact we constantly keep up to date with the latest changes in the law, enables us to provide our clients with expert, comprehensive advice and assistance with regard to all types of accounting, legal and tax affairs in Spain, and to find the most appropriate way to handle these matters.

we speak over 10 languages legal accounting

We speak more than 10 languages

​​If you require the services of an English-speaking accountant, business consultant or tax advisor based on the Costa del Sol, our experienced professionals will be at your complete disposal to help you understand the complex Spanish tax system and legislation, and offer you assistance with any issues you may have. Our multilingual team can also offer personalised attention in the following languages:

​​Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Flemish, Mandarin, Arabic and Hebrew.

near to marbella

Located near Marbella - in Estepona, Costa del Sol

Based on the Costa del Sol, just over 20 km from Marbella, our specialist firm of accountants in Estepona has been assisting businesses and individuals with tax, accounting and other legal procedures in Spain for over 20 years. Our office is situated in the “Centro Comercial Biarritz”, with easy access from the A7 motorway and nearby parking. Do not hesitate to book an appointment to come in and meet our team to discover exactly how we can help you with specialist tax advice and professional accounting and bookkeeping services.

online services

Online Services

​​At Legal & Accounting Network, we can also handle all your tax matters or accounting needs online. You can easily send us your receipts and invoices using your mobile phone or computer, without having to worry about bringing in paper receipts. Our team of professional accountants and tax specialists are ready to provide you with expert advice by means of a videoconference or telephone conversation.

Do you need help setting up a business in Spain?

In order to perform a commercial activity or to purchase certain assets, it is advisable under certain circumstances to incorporate a Company. Our Company incorporation service can provide you with a fully operational Spanish Limited Company (sociedad limitiada) within 72 hours.

We can also incorporate a variety of other types of Companies, for example Sociedades Civiles, Anónimas, Cooperativas, Comunidades de bienes, etc. If you are unsure which is most suitable for your activity, why not book a free consultation with us.

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How to set up an SL company in Spain?

The process of Incorporation of a standard SL Company is relatively straight forward and comprises of the following.

  1. Firstly, you must choose a maximum of 5 company names in order of priority.
  2. The minimum share capital you must inject is 3000 Euros. There is no need for a monetary capital contribution, fixed assets (such as laptops) are commonly accepted. This means that the bank account can be opened after the Company registration without having to deposit €3,000.
  3. The next step would be a visit to the Notary in order to sign the Incorporation Deed. We will prepare the appointment beforehand in order that the document will be ready for signing upon your arrival.
  4. After the signing of the document at the Notary, we will obtain the company’s tax number (CIF) and the Incorporation Deed is sent to the Mercantile Registry (the equivalent of Companies House) for registration.
  5. Once the company is officially registered, we wil then proceed to register it for taxes and social security
  6. The whole process takes anywhere between 3 to 5 working days in total.

Our objective is to give you the best and fastest service (hassle free) at the most competitive price so that you can set up your SL company in Spain and start trading.

If you need any additional advice about how to set up an SL company in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have helped many clients incorporate companies so if you are looking for a company in Marbella or Estepona to help you set up an SL company, we are the ideal choice.

[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions about Accounting

Legal & Accounting Network is an Estepona-based accountancy firm providing comprehensive accountancy and bookkeeping services to individuals and businesses all over Spain. 

Whether you are an individual, a commercial enterprise or a sole trader, our multilingual team of experienced consultants will be able to assist you with everything from bookkeeping services to fiscal advice. 

Therefore, if you are seeking comprehensive advice from an established accountancy firm on the Costa del Sol, why not book a free telephone consultation with us in order to discuss exactly how we can assist you. 

You deliver the accounts and receipts to our office on a regular basis so that we can input the data into our accounting software. We then analyse the information, make professional observations and corrections, and prepare the tax returns and management accounts, where relevant.

You input your accounting data into a compatible bookkeeping program and email it to us so that we can complete the process in the conventional way. We review the bookkeeping before tax preparation to ensure that any tax savings are optimised.

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