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Property Conveyancing Solicitors

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The best Property Conveyancing Services in the province of Malaga.

At ​​Legal & Accounting Network, our conveyancing solicitors have over 20 years’ experience providing expert advice on the process of buying, selling or inheriting property in Spain. 

Based in Estepona, a short drive from Marbella, we have expertise dealing with real estate on the Costa del Sol and in the province of Malaga, and will be able to guide you through the entire process of buying or selling your property and take care of all the required documentation. 

Our fiscal department will also be able to ensure you comply with your tax liabilities involved in the operation, or take care of your future tax returns as property owners in Spain.

What our clients say about our Property Conveyancing Specialists

David Marrero Blanco
David Marrero Blanco
Llevamos años trabajando juntos, y siempre se han mostrado muy profesionales. Para mí son una referencia en la Costa del Sol.
Diego Martínez
Diego Martínez
Excelentes profesionales, agiles, con vasto conocimiento en la materia a nivel fiscal y legal y un servicio de primera calidad. Superior professional quality in the legal and tax fields and excellent service
Alfonso and team are very helpful, knowledgable and accessible. They came highly recommended to me and have still exceeded my expectations 🙂
CCR3 Group
CCR3 Group
I bought property, did tax affairs and other services. These guys are fantastic at helping you navigate the Spanish system. They have and continue to be a great help as an Ex-Pat here. I'd recommend them without hesitation.
KD Punshon
KD Punshon
I was floundering around trying to find the information I needed to direct my decisions regarding Spanish residency, income tax, healthcare and all the usual questions that abound when moving to Spain. Thankfully for me I found Alfonso at Legal & Accounting Network, a bundle of legal and tax expertise in one person. Once he understood my precise situation he was able to efficiently advise me on the options I had as well as making a sound recommendation. In just one meeting I feel like I found a friend to help me through the maze of legal and tax options and obligations here in Spain. Thank you Alfonso!!

Counting on the services of a reputable Real Estate Lawyer or Conveyancer is the best way to avoid any type of unforeseen complications when buying or selling property in Spain. 

Our experienced property solicitors can take care of the numerous documents that have to be prepared in accordance with the applicable law, ensure that all parties are properly coordinated, and that the property is purchased without any existing charges or liabilities. After the sale, we will complete the Land Registry procedures on your behalf, as well as providing advice on your tax obligations and filing your tax declarations.

Conveyancing in Málaga and Marbella

If you are planning to buy or sell property and require conveyancing services in the area of Marbella or the province of Malaga, it is advisable to use a local firm who have expertise in the real estate market of the area, and will be able to inform you in a professional and accurate manner about the costs involved in property purchases.

At Legal & Accounting Network, we have been dealing with property conveyancing on the Costa del Sol for over 20 years. Let us take care of everything for you from the conveyancing process to the legal details and also with the tax implications in Andalusia during and after the purchase. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover how we can help you with property conveyancing in Malaga.

Costs associated with property conveyancing in Spain

As there are multiple costs involved in buying and selling property in Spain, it is beneficial to seek professional advice from an expert property conveyancer who will calculate and explain the specific costs involved in the conveyancing process of the property in question, provide you with an approximate budget with all the expenses included in the sale and guide you through the entire process.

Costs of buying property

When buying a property in Spain (if you do not apply for a mortgage) the main expenses to take into account are:
- Estate Agency Fees.
- VAT (newly built property) or ITP (second hand property).
- Notary Fees
- Land Registry Fees
- Legal Fees

Costs of selling property

In the case of selling a property in Spain, the expenses are as follows:

- Energy Performance Certificate.
- Estate Agency Fees.
- Legal Fees.
- Capital Gains Tax.

[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions about Conveyancing in Spain

Depending on the agreement between the two parties, which is set out in the private contract, the conveyancing process can typically take up to 3 or 4 months, from the signing of the private contract to the signing of the public deed of sale at the Notary, although the terms are often extended if the buyer needs to apply for a mortgage.

Once the sale completion has taken place, our lawyers will proceed to register the property in your name, which can take approximately three months. We will deliver the final documentation of the house and the balance to the client with all expenses and taxes paid.

If it is not possible for you to be present during the process of buying or selling a property in Spain, your lawyer will be able to sign and complete the conveyancing process on your behalf by means of granting a Power of Attorney. You can have this document prepared while you are in Spain by making an appointment with the Notary.

Until recently it was necessary for a non-resident who owned a property in Spain to appoint a Fiscal Representative to deal with their tax affairs in Spain. This rule has now been relaxed for those foreigners whose only asset in Spain is a holiday home. However, it is advisable for both residents and non-residents with homes in Spain to count on the services of a reputable firm with expert real estate solicitors and professional tax advisors, to guide you throughout the entire conveyancing process and take care of filing your tax returns as a property owner in Spain.