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Tax advisors specialised in Capital Gains, Resident and Non-resident Taxes in Spain

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We are qualified tax advisors in Marbella and Estepona with over 20 years’ experience handling fiscal matters in Spain

At ​​Legal & Accounting Network, our conveyancing solicitors have over 20 years’ experience providing expert advice on the process of buying, selling or inheriting property in Spain. 

Based in Estepona, a short drive from Marbella, we have expertise dealing with real estate on the Costa del Sol and in the province of Malaga, and will be able to guide you through the entire process of buying or selling your property and take care of all the required documentation. 

Our fiscal department will also be able to ensure you comply with your tax liabilities involved in the operation, or take care of your future tax returns as property owners in Spain.

What our clients say about our tax advisors

Ronald DM
Ronald DM
I work intensely together with LA&N for my private and Autonomo tax submissions since 2 years and I can absolutely recommend this office for the following 15 reasons: 1: in-depth expertise - they know how 2: client centric - it’s about the client 3: detailed responses - always well explained 4: timely responses - no excuses, delivered on time and complete 5: pro-active informing clients about deadlines and their available options. 6: always correct 7: always available 8: the ability to clearly communicate 9: perfect English; oral and in writing 10: its a team, not a sum of persons. it’s a pleasure to work with the entire team and I recommend everyone to experience the personal and professional approach, and always with a smile. 11: ‘Value for money’ 12: you are not a number - you are a valued client 13: On-site support if needed - they can join you when must meet the local (tax) authorities 14: “Deliverables” are first-class weather it is a Tax Form or P&L overview. 15: Blended expertise: Tax, Legal, Accounting, which you feel in all their interactions and you can’t see it in isolation. After hundreds of questions and emails, I can’t say one negative word about LAN and the price-level is very affordable.
John Kennedy
John Kennedy
I have recently used Legal & Accounting Network for the sale of 1 property and purchase of another , both in the Benahavis area. I also used used them back in 2015 and throughout my dealings with Alfonso and the whole team at L & A Network I have always found them to be professional , knowledgeable, efficient and effective. I therefore would definitely recommend them to others.
Peter Deth
Peter Deth
I am a customer of Legal & Accounting Network for some years. I am very happy with the prompt and professional service this company is providing. When living in Spain you are used to that usually all legal issues need .. a long time ... before they are done. This is the contrary for Legal & Accounting Network. Many times I was very positively surprised that things were "already" done. I can highly recommend this company - its fun to work with them.
Kieran Thomas
Kieran Thomas
I had an excellent experience working with the legal and accounting network. Superb service, highly recommended!
Highly recommended! I had a pleasure to have the initial consultation with Alfonso. He was punctual, fluent in english, knowledgable and replied instantly to my emails. A year later, when it was time to submit my documents, I received a reminder from Mari. She provided clear information about the process and time frames. She was super polite, fluent in english and very responsive. I did not have to wait for longer than 24 hrs to receive an answer to many questions that I had. I was very impressed with the quality and efficiency of the service from start to end.
Sakari Maaranen
Sakari Maaranen
When it comes to getting things done in Spain, it's no secret that the process can be frustrating and time-consuming. However, I had the pleasure of working with a team of professionals who not only walked me through every step of the process but also went above and beyond to ensure my success. While they may not be the cheapest accountant in Costa del Sol, they are worth every penny, as they consistently delivered outstanding service and expertise. They helped me navigate the complexities of starting my autonomo in Spain, ensured that I was properly registered with the tax authority, handled my invoicing, and expertly managed both my business and personal taxes. They even went out of their way to receive my deliveries when my doorbell was out of order. Simply put, they're willing to go the extra mile for their clients. To top it all off, they're a joy to work with and their positive energy makes the whole experience enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking reliable, professional service.
Gerry Donaldson
Gerry Donaldson
The guys at Legal & Accounting make the legal & complex seem simple. They inspire confidence and trust and they take care of the legal, the documents and the emotions every step of the way. Alfonso is more than just a trusted legal mind, I'd class him as a trusted advisor whom I'd wholeheartedly recommend. Victoria also makes the navigation of Spanish law, easy as she guides you through it. As an expat, I could not find a better place to entrust my legal & financial matters to.
Brenda Wartenberg
Brenda Wartenberg
A great company and very helpful in every way. We have known Legal and accounting Network for many years. I would highly recommend their services.
Roy Granstrøm
Roy Granstrøm
Excellent services from very friendly English speaking staff.
I found the Legal & Accounting Network online and arranged an initial meeting in their office. They subsequently supported me for a variety of matters and they were very informative, professional and efficient. They were very engaged and gave timely replies to all of my questions and clarification requests. I am happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a comprehensive financial services partner.

Tax services for business and individuals

Our specialist tax advisors at ​​Legal & Accounting Network propose and implement solutions to maximise tax savings for companies and individuals, residents and non-residents.

Have you got doubts about your fiscal liabilities, or how and when to file your tax return in Spain? Let our committed team of tax consultants at Legal & Accounting Network take care of all your fiscal matters and dispel any doubts you may have in this regard.

The direct taxation of individuals consists of two main personal income taxes: 

  • Spanish personal income tax (PIT), which applies to residents in Spain for tax purposes.
  • Spanish non-residents’ income tax (NRIT), in the case of non-residents for tax purposes who obtain income in Spain. 

Therefore, any foreigners who obtain income in Spain are either liable to pay Personal Income Tax or Non-resident Income Tax. The tax year in Spain runs from the 1st of January to the 31st December. 

We can help you determine your tax situation and liabilities and take care of the entire process of filing your Personal Income Tax return in accordance with the Spanish legislation.

Differences in Spanish Tax Liabilities for Residents and Non-Residents

Both residents and non-residents have to register in the Spanish Tax Agency in order to comply with their fiscal obligations. 

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Non-resident taxpayers in Spain are taxed at the rate of 19-24 % on income earned in Spanish territory or income that arises from Spanish sources such as property.

As a Spanish resident, you must file a Spanish tax return and pay income tax on your worldwide income in the following cases:

  • It is your first year declaring tax residency in Spain.
  • Your annual income from employment is more than €22,000.
  • You are self-employed or have a business in Spain.
  • You have capital gains and savings income of more than €1,600 a year.
  • You have rental income of more than €1,000 a year.
  • You have assets abroad worth more than €50,000.

As tax legislation in Spain undergoes frequent changes, it is advisable to consult a qualified tax advisor who can help you navigate this complex system and provide tailored solutions, taking into account your situation as a tax resident or non-resident for fiscal purposes.

Non-resident in Spain

Non-resident Tax in Spain

Non-residents are liable for taxes on any income arising in Spain; non-resident property owners are taxed on their property income or the value of the property. You must also pay Capital Gains Tax if you sell your property.

If you fail to comply with your tax obligations as a non-resident, you will be penalised by the Spanish Tax Agency. ​​Legal & Accounting Network will be able to take care of all your tax-related matters, including:

  • Calculation and submission of non-resident tax returns
  • Ensuring non-resident taxes are paid correctly and in a timely manner
  • Information about any changes in non-resident fiscal obligations.
  • Any queries regarding non-resident status and property ownership

Why you should seek professional tax advice in Spain

With each region of Spain having their own tax laws and even rates, working out taxes on your own can be a minefield. The complexity and dynamics of the Spanish tax system creates the need to use a professional tax consultant who constantly keeps up to date with the latest changes in the law. 


Our committed team of tax consultants will enable you to achieve a better understanding of the Spanish tax system, as well as your rights and obligations. We can propose and implement solutions to maximise your tax savings. Our commitment is to provide our clients with the relevant and necessary fiscal information in order to make informed, intelligent and tax-efficient decisions.


[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions about Taxes in Spain

Tax residents are liable to pay income tax in Spain on earnings from a range of different sources, including:

  • Employment income: wages, salaries, pensions, unemployment income, etc.
  • Self-employment and business income: income from all industrial, commercial, professional or artistic activities.
  • Investment Income: share dividends, account interests, and from real estate 
  • Net gains and capital gains loss, by transfer of goods, certain prizes (like lottery wins).
  • Legally established allocations on income from the ownership of some properties, other than the home that is leased, etc.
  • Government grants.

With very few exceptions, anyone resident in Spain (for an annual total of more than 183 days) for tax purposes and with income or capital gains anywhere in the world has to file a tax return. It should be noted that if your spouse and minor children live here, you may also be considered a tax resident in Spain, even if you work or live in another country.

Non-residents are also obliged to file tax returns on income from property in Spain, or income derived from any business in Spain. 

Therefore, foreigners who obtain income in Spain are either liable to pay Personal Income Tax, or Non-resident Income Tax.

Irrespective of the taxes that you are liable to pay, deductions and allowances are possible, therefore it is recommended to seek counsel from a qualified tax advisor. Exactly how much you can claim in deductions and tax credits will depend on your personal circumstances.

  • The basic personal tax-free allowance is:

 €5,550 for anyone under the age of 65

 €6,700 if you are over 65

 €8,100 if you are over 75

  • If you have dependents living with you, you can claim an additional allowance.

In general, you can claim tax deductions in Spain for:

  • Payments into the Spanish social security system
  • Spanish pension contributions
  • The expenses of buying or renovating your main place of residence
  • Charitable donations

According to your situation, there are many expenses you may be able to deduct from your tax payments. Our specialist tax consultants at Legal & Accounting Network will be able to propose and implement solutions to maximise your tax savings.