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Will and Inheritance Lawyers in Marbella- Estepona (Spain)

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More than 20 years helping foreign clients with their Spanish assets in inheritance matters

Legal & Accounting Network is an established law firm based in Estepona, just 20 km from Marbella. Our committed team of solicitors have been assisting national and foreign clients with all types of inheritance matters in the Costa del Sol area and throughout Spain for over 20 years. Whatever doubts you may have about Inheritance Law, drawing up a will, or probate in Spain, our specialists in the field will work closely with you and advise you on the best way to proceed.

Some of the main areas in which we can assist you are detailed below. If you have any further questions about our services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

What our clients say about our Specialists in Inheritance Law

David Marrero Blanco
David Marrero Blanco
Llevamos años trabajando juntos, y siempre se han mostrado muy profesionales. Para mí son una referencia en la Costa del Sol.
Diego Martínez
Diego Martínez
Excelentes profesionales, agiles, con vasto conocimiento en la materia a nivel fiscal y legal y un servicio de primera calidad. Superior professional quality in the legal and tax fields and excellent service
Alfonso and team are very helpful, knowledgable and accessible. They came highly recommended to me and have still exceeded my expectations 🙂
CCR3 Group
CCR3 Group
I bought property, did tax affairs and other services. These guys are fantastic at helping you navigate the Spanish system. They have and continue to be a great help as an Ex-Pat here. I'd recommend them without hesitation.
KD Punshon
KD Punshon
I was floundering around trying to find the information I needed to direct my decisions regarding Spanish residency, income tax, healthcare and all the usual questions that abound when moving to Spain. Thankfully for me I found Alfonso at Legal & Accounting Network, a bundle of legal and tax expertise in one person. Once he understood my precise situation he was able to efficiently advise me on the options I had as well as making a sound recommendation. In just one meeting I feel like I found a friend to help me through the maze of legal and tax options and obligations here in Spain. Thank you Alfonso!!

Spanish Wills, Estate Planning, Probate and Inheritance

Inheritance tax in Spain applies to both residents and non-residents. It is a progressive tax payable upon receipt of an inheritance from a friend or relative, whether money, a property, or an asset of any kind. Spanish law also provides for a number of inheritance tax reliefs. 

National rules apply across the country, but Spanish inheritance tax rules also depend on the autonomous region, differing quite considerably in some cases. 

Inheritance tax laws in Spain are complex, therefore we recommend consulting our team of legal and fiscal experts to receive tailored advice on your inheritance tax liabilities.

Types of Wills in Spain

Inheritance Law in Spain

Having a Spanish will is not essential, but in its absence, the Spanish Succession Law will be applied to your estate. It is generally considered a restrictive law, given that it requires the majority of your estate be left to specific relatives. 

Spanish inheritance law requires you to pass on your assets to your spouse and your children, therefore it is particularly advisable to have a Spanish will drawn up by a specialist lawyer, especially if you have remarried, have stepchildren, or there are other people you want to include as beneficiaries of your estate.

We will take care of Spanish bureaucracy for you

Dealing with bureaucratic matters in a foreign country can prove overwhelming to say the least: understanding your rights and obligations as well as the complex legislation that frequently undergoes changes; knowing which documents must be presented to the competent authority and when, with the added complication of the language barrier. 

Therefore, if you need advice on any inheritance matters, estate management or probate procedures, it is advisable to place your trust in an established law firm such as Legal & Accounting Network, with a committed team of multilingual specialist solicitors who will be able to provide you with personalised attention and resolve all your doubts in a clear, timely and professional manner, and take care of any Spanish bureaucratic matters for you.


An Open Will is granted before a Notary Public, two witnesses and yourself (the testator). The content of this type of will is drawn up by the Notary in accordance with the wishes of the testator. The original will is kept by the Notary and the testator receives a copy. The Notary sends a notification of the will to the Spanish Wills Registry.


A Closed Will is basically the same as an open will, but in this case, the document and its contents remain confidential between you and your lawyer. The testator may keep the closed will in their possession, give it to a person of trust, or deposit it with the Notary to be kept in their files.

A Holographic Will is a document that has been completely written by hand and signed by the testator. Provided a hand-written will complies with certain requirements, it is valid to deal with the estate of the deceased. 

It is important to seek sound legal advice in Spain before writing out a will to ensure that your wishes will be followed. Our specialist inheritance solicitors will work closely with you to create a legally valid text which can then be handwritten.

[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions about Wills and Spanish Inheritance Law

Drawing up a will is a process that sooner or later needs to be addressed, and confronting the situation will avoid many legal and family problems at a later date. Once the decision of making a will has been made, it is necessary to seek the advice of a professional to adjust the fine details to each individual situation.

Our multilingual experts in inheritance law will be able to explain in comprehensive terms how Spanish wills are drafted, in addition to providing tax planning in order to understand how best to manage your estate.

If you own assets in Spain, then it is highly advisable to make a Spanish will in order to ease the administrative burden for the beneficiaries of your estate and to be absolutely certain that your wishes will be carried out without confusions or errors, as it will have been drafted in Spanish and signed before a Spanish Notary.

Many foreigners do not make wills in Spain, but failing to do so could mean that your assets will be distributed according to Spanish Succession Law. Without a Spanish will, the administration of your estate will inevitably end up being much more complicated and take much longer to deal with.

With expert advice, having a will drawn up is a quick and easy process which will serve to avoid unnecessary complications to the beneficiaries of your estate.