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Changing your accountant

Reasons to change accountants and best time to do it

How would you feel if you found out that many of your efforts in trying to make your business profitable are lost in inefficient accounting and unnecessary taxes? Choosing the right accountant is key in making the relationship with the tax man a smooth one.

A good professional will provide you with the right advice, he will take responsibility for his occasional errors and will guarantee maximum level of professionalism. He will also have indemnity insurance and will be accessible to you at all times, either directly or indirectly.

Getting value for money is also a reason to change. Fees are important but most important it is the overall benefit that you receive as a result of the good work of your accountant.

Language barriers are also among the reasons why people change accountants. Do you understand everything that your accountant says?

Each client must be treated as individuals, because each client is special and not just “a number”. We understand this very well, because we treat clients the same way we would like to be treated.

And finally, although you would assume that any accountant would file the tax returns on time it appears not to be the case in this part of the world; So, this is another reason to change.

But when is the best time to change accountants and what does it entail?

Anytime of the year is good to change accountants, but December, in particular, is a good month to approach the change because the proximity to the year end. This time of the year is the time to analyse IVA rebates, corporation tax reduction, personal tax reductions, profits and dividends and many more.

What is the process? How should you go about it?

1 – Inform your current accountant that you are moving on and grant them permission to hand over the paperwork to you new accountant. At this stage it is important that you are up to date with your fees.
2 – Let your new accountant know that he can proceed to liaise with your old accountant
3 – From this point there is no need for you to get involved in the change as your new accountant will take care of everything

At Legal & Accounting Network we ensure the process of changing accountants is kept as simple as possible. Our aim throughout the process is to cause minimal disruption to your business – so don’t be put-off by the thinking it will be a hassle to change, it really won’t be!

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