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Autonomo´s social security quota increasing as of August 2018

In August, the Social Security fee paid by self-employed workers is 4 Euros higher than what they paid before.

The recently approved Law of General Budgets of the State 2018 includes news on the bases and types of contributions, which apply from August 1 of this year.

According to the Law of General State Budgets, the self-employed worker will pay 279 Euros per month, 4 Euros more than before.

The rise in the fees of the self-employed is motivated by an increase in the contribution bases. Until July 31, the maximum contribution base was 3,751.20 Euros, while from now on, the maximum contribution base will be 3,803.70 Euros. The increase is 1.4%.

The minimum base has also suffered a rise of 1.4% changing from 919.80 Euros to 932.70 Euros.

Increase in pensions

In addition, the law includes an increase in pensions of 1.35%, which together with the 0.25% that was already raised in January, represents an increase of 1.6% over the next two years.

In total, 1,220,810 self-employed pensioners will benefit from this increase. On the other hand, the rest of the self-employed pensioners, those who receive the minimum pensions, will receive an increase of 3% in their pensions. This is the case of 733,000 retired self-employed workers.


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