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Tax Inspections

What do you do if you are facing a tax inspection in Spain?

During financially challenging times, especially in Spain, the different authorities always look for ways to increase revenues. One such way over the last few years is for the Spanish tax authorities to conduct investigations into an individuals or businesses tax affairs. This is usually known as a ‘tax inspection’ and can be conducted on both a foreign national that previously owned a property, those that still do, and business related individuals (autonomos and SL companies).

If you widely agree with the findings of the tax inspection in Spain, or your accountant advises against contesting it, you will need to come to an agreement. If we strongly consider the tax inspection to be wrong in its findings, we will contest the request for outstanding taxes. If we cannot lower them, or even if we agree from the start, we can also negotiate a payment plan to pay back the outstanding taxes on your behalf.

Example of the type of tax inspection we often have to assist with

We are thorough with all work we carry out for our clients but, unfortunately not all accountants have been in the past and we have had to help people that used to own a business face tax demands because the company was not correctly closed down or liquidated.

If you are facing a tax inspection in Estepona, Marbella or elsewhere on the Costa del Sol, we can help you by dealing directly with the tax authorities on your behalf.

Tax inspections and always stressful but you don’t need to face it alone. We will always fight your corner and give you the best advice possible.

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