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Traffic fines: Useful information

Can you receive a traffic fine even when you are not driving your car?

We usually think that to receive a traffic fine you must commit a traffic violation; and although it is usual, it is not always the case. There is an extra fine that can be imposed without even getting into the car.

Speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, using the mobile phone while the vehicle is in motion, are some of the most common traffic penalties in Spain. Fines for parking incorrectly are also frequent and soon, penalties for not respecting Low Emission Zones (with a new fine of 200 euros) will be added to this list.

All of them are trafic fines for traffic violations that you commit in your role as a driver. But there is one that you can also get without even getting into the car and be careful because it is not a cheap one…

What fine can you get without even getting into the car?

Just because you own a vehicle does not mean that you are the only person driving it. This may lead to a very common situation: you lend the car to your son, your brother or a friend and they commit a traffic violation.

You have not done anything illegal since there is nothing wrong with someone else using your vehicle, but when you are notified of the fine you are obliged to identify the person who was driving at the time.

The fine for not identifying the driver is not among the fines that makes you lose driving license credit points; but it does have a high price (it can reach 1.500 euros).

“The fine for failing to comply with the obligation to truthfully identify the driver of the vehicle will double the fine of the original traffic violation that caused it if it is a minor infraction, and triple the fine if it is a serious or very serious infraction,” explained Automovilistas Europeos Asociados (AEA). In this case, there is no discount for early payment.

How to identify the driver

There are three ways to identify the driver in case your vehicle has been involved:

By internet. To do this procedure online it is necessary to have an electronic identification mechanism: digital certificate or cl@ve pin provided by the Spanish Authorities.

– By mail, returning the form sent by the DGT, duly completed, to the address of the Traffic Headquarters or to the Automated Complaint Processing Center.

– In person, with an appointment at any Traffic office.

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